These terms and conditions are in addition to and, where there is any contradiction, take precedence over normal Terms and Conditions shown on These Covid-19 specific terms and conditions are subject to periodic review, initially during September 2021, to keep them in line with government and national trade association guidelines and any copy available on shall be the extant version.




On 12th July 2021 the Government announced most Covid guidance and legal restrictions will be lifted in England on 19 July 2021, including wearing a face covering no longer being required by law. However, it is "expected and  recommended" that face coverings should be worn (unless exempt) in situations which are crowded or where people are close together. The latter applies to driving lessons, where the instructor and pupil are in a confined space and with less than a metre in-between them.



If the Pupil has, lives or comes into contact with someone who has or shows symptoms of Covid-19 they must self-isolate for 10 days and advise (Automatically) Shamrock Driving School.


If the Pupil has been told by the NHS Test and Trace service/app that they are to self-isolate they must do so for the period stated and advise (Automatically) Shamrock Driving School.  


If the Pupil has entered or returned to the UK, they must act in accordance with extant Government regulations. On 8th July 2021 the Government announced fully vaccinated (i.e. 14 days have passed since final dose of an NHS vaccine) UK residents arriving in England from amber travel list destinations no longer have to quarantine but need to pay for Covid tests 3 days before they return and on the 2nd day after they’re back; essentially, for fully vaccinated travellers, the requirements for green and amber list countries are the same.


(Automatically) Shamrock Driving School reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to text the Pupil before any lesson to ask whether they have or have been in contact with anyone showing any symptoms of Covid-19 within the last 10 days or have been notified to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace and, if so or they are unsure, to refuse to conduct the driving lesson.


(Automatically) Shamrock Driving School reserve the right, at their sole discretion and at any time during, before and after a driving lesson if they are not 100% happy with the Pupils' health, including but not necessarily limited to Covid-19, to cancel this and other lessons until they have recovered fully.


The same provisions shall apply to (Automatically) Shamrock Driving School.




The Driver Trainer and Pupils shall use NHS Test & Trace.




(Automatically) Shamrock Driving School and Pupils shall undertake regular LFTs. In the event of a positive result self-isolate, take a PCR test and act on the advice given in the PCR test result.




Before and after each lesson the Driver Trainer shall wherever possible and without entering the Pupil's property, wash (for 20 seconds minimum in hot water) or sanitise their hands and Pupils are required to do the same. (Automatically) Shamrock Driving School will have hand sanitiser available in the event that it is required by both the Driver Trainer and the Pupil at any time before, during and immediately after the driving lesson; please feel free to ask if you wish to use it.




(Automatically) Shamrock Driving School will be wiping down with antibacterial/virus wipes or spray the parts of the car which may be touched before each driving lesson (e.g. steering wheel and stalks, gear knob, handbrake handle, interior and exterior door handles, electric window switches and mirror controls, heater controls and vents, sat nav screen, interior mirror housing, car key, seat belt buckles, seat adjustment controls, audio controls and any used training materials).




The Pupil shall ensure any PPE that they may wear does not impede the Driver Trainer’s or the Pupil's ability to control the vehicle, communicate effectively and their ability to see properly. Plastic face visors are not recommended and could be dangerous if they mist up or an airbag is deployed.


Either the driver trainer or the Pupil may, at their individual sole discretion, wear disposable gloves, but will still need to adhere to vehicle and hand washing / sanitising requirements. Pupils are to be aware / advise if they have a latex allergy. The gloves will need to be new and put on immediately before the Pupil enters the vehicle and will need to be disposed of in a suitable receptacle after each lesson.


(Automatically) Shamrock Driving School shall have bags available for disposal of wipes, disposable face coverings, etc used by the Driver Trainer and will dispose of these in a suitable receptacle.


The Pupil is responsible for disposing of or washing their PPE.




(Automatically) Shamrock Driving School shall wear a face covering wherever feasible and Pupils are similarly required to also wear a face covering, except where demonstrated they’re exempt.


Pupils are to put on any face covering shortly before getting into the car, covering booth nose and mouth. Pupils should supply their own face covering (e.g. home-made "mask", scarf, etc.) but, if not, (Automatically) Shamrock Driving School hope to be able to provide a face covering.


The Pupil should be aware, if the Pupil wears them, of the potential for spectacles fogging up when worn with a face covering. To help prevent any spectacles from fogging, make sure the face covering is a tight fit to help exhaled hot air escape through the face covering rather than the top or side. Commercial anti-fogging sprays are available but most are for goggles, diving masks, etc and some are specifically not recommended for use on spectacles. It has been suggested that washing glasses with soapy water, after washing your hands, and letting them air dry can help prevent fogging.


Avoid touching the face or face covering wherever possible to avoid cross contamination.




Wherever possible payment should be made by bank transfer, not cash or cheque, before the driving lesson or, if this is not feasible and by agreement with (Automatically) Shamrock Driving School, immediately following the driving lesson.


If the Pupil requests a receipt, it will be provided digitally following the driving lesson.




Contractual cancellation charges shall be applicable.




(Automatically) Shamrock Driving School and any Pupils presenting for test will need to comply with any extant DVSA requirements.


It will be necessary to arrive at the driving test centre in time to wipe down the passenger side of the car (e.g. seat belt buckle, seat adjustment controls, interior and exterior door handles and electric window switch, secondary mirror housings, etc.).


Pupils must bring and wear a face covering.

  • A face covering is a mandatory requirement, unless the Pupil states a good reason not to when booking the test including physical or mental illness, impairment or disability that means they cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering or putting on, wearing or removing a face covering would cause them severe distress. This will be outlined further on Driving Examiners will be carefully allocated to support those with exceptions.

  • The test will be cancelled if the Pupil refuses to wear a face covering and did not give a reason at the time of booking.

  • The examiner may ask the Pupil to temporarily remove their face covering to confirm their identity.

  • If the Pupil does not have a face covering the examiner may provide one.

  • If the Pupil has a problem with their face covering during the test, the examiner will ask them to stop so they can adjust it. The examiner will terminate the test early if it becomes a safety issue.

  • The face covering must be retained by the candidate and not left on site.


Open at least 2 windows along with the boot, the latter prior to the test commencing, to ensure adequate ventilation and clean hands with sanitiser or soap and water where possible.


The examiner will meet and greet the Pupil in the car park. Do not shake hands.




  • (Automatically) Shamrock Driving School will text the Pupil on their arrival at the pickup location.

  • The Driver Trainer will not shake hands or share visual aids, pens, progress records, etc. with the Pupil and they will avoid physical contact wherever possible.

  • The Pupil and the driver trainer should wear clothing that is suitable and covers as much as possible. Since car windows will be open to ensure ventilation, consider wearing suitable clothing.

  • To ensure ventilation, wherever possible, at least one window should be at least partially open.

  • If the driver trainer swops seats with the Pupil and drives the car before swopping over again, they will wipe down the steering wheel and stalks, interior and exterior door handles, seat belt buckles, seat adjusters, mirror controls, gear knob, handbrake handle, car key, etc. in-between.

  • Apart from the driver trainer or the examiner and the Pupil, no other passengers will be permitted in the car during any driving lesson or test, unless notified by the DVSA in relation to the latter.

  • Wherever applicable and possible any brief notes will be given digitally.



In accordance with our Privacy Policy, any information supplied by the customer is confidential and will not be shared with any third party without their express consent with the sole exception in this specific instance to Government bodies (e.g. NHS medical or test and trace staff) who are entitled to and may require information in respect of your or my health, symptoms and with whom you or I have been in contact with in direct relation to Covid-19.